BEEKs Duress Badge (BVBBN4B)

HID Global

$ 60.50 USD

BLE beacon does not include on board sensors.  

Primary usage is Workplace Safety to protect personnel by sending a silent duress alarm and real-time location of the event. The badge conveniently holds the standard Id Card and provides real-time location of personnel during normal operating mode as well. Requires BluFi gateway infrastructure to receive and transmit RTLS and alarm state data.


  • sBeacon enabled
  • Sealed Lithium battery
  • Size: 2.5” × 3.5” x 0.19”
  • Color: White with transparent frame for good LED visibility.
  • Certifications: FCC / CE

Horizontal Personnel Badge, up to 2.5 years with up to 200 alarm activations and up to 3 years with no activations. Does not include on-board sensors. No credentials.


  • For Demo Purposes Only.
  • Max quantity is 20 units on the total order.

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