Condition Monitoring Starter Kit

Bluvision IoT Store

$ 850.00 USD

Starter kit includes 1 BluFi, 10 BEEKs Condition Monitoring (with RMS firmware) and 3 months Bluzone cloud access.

Perfect for Predictive Maintenance and Performance Monitoring of any equipment.

Features include:

  • 3-months basic cloud access subscription for access to real-time raw data
  • Manage and sync beacons to your iOS or Android apps
  • Sample demo apps to understand how to best set proximity
  • Implement industry best practices and iBeacon protocols
  • Register for online access to our Developer Portal for SDKs and tools
BEEKs features unique design, easy to configure with BEEKS iOS app, and delivers up to 9-year estimated operational life. Has onboard sensors - 3-axis accelerometer, temperature and ambient light.
BluFi features simple A/C plug-in to bridge beacons into existing WiFi networks to receive and transmit Bluetooth Beacons payload data over WiFi to the BluZone platform, powered by Bluvision. BluFi available in UK, EU and AU compatible plugs.
Kit includes links to Bluvision Developer and BluZone Portals.

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