BEEKs Industrial v2 - Grey (BVCMI45G2)

Bluvision IoT Store

$ 40.00 USD

NOTE: This product has a 30 day lead time.

BLE beacon with 3—5 yr battery life. Includes on-board sensors for temperature and 3-axis acceleration / vibration.

Primary usage is Status Monitoring and RTLS services.  

Industrial gray rugged housing perfect for Industrial applications.


  • Eddystone, iBeacon, and sBeacon enabled
  • IP67 - Water Resistant and UV Resistant 
  • Sealed Lithium battery with long battery life - up to 5 years.
  • Size: 2.36” x 0.85”
  • Color: Gray
  • Certifications: FCC / CE / JRF / IC
  • Industrial Adhesive backing for easy installation

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